Yup, this is what it really boils down to - "How much will this set me back?".  The total cost will really depend on you and what features you want (this is where we can really be helpful as we see too many sites with "extra" features that provide no real benefit).  Here is a list of services we typically provide:

Again, our goal is to give you a quality website at a very reasonable price.

Initial Website

Ok, you know you want a website but currently it is just a random thought or some scribble on a bar napkin.  We understand that starting up a website can be a daunting task.  We will help step your through the entire process and ask questions to find out your wants and expectations.   First of all, there are actually 3 different pieces and costs to a website.

Hosting Provider
You first need a place to put your website.  The hosting provider is responsible for storing the files, email accounts, and quite a number of other things.  This can run you about $75/year.  We can help you select a hosting provider.  There are two providers we like to use BUT in most cases, you can use whatever hosting provider you like.
Domain Name
You need a domain name so people can find your site.  The domain name is what you type in your browser to find the site (for example, this site is megamicroconsulting.com).  This can run you about $15/year.
Website Content
This is the actual website - the articles, text, images, and whatever else you want to display to your customers.  A base website from us starts at about $300.

For the website content, we would love to give you a maximum cost but it really depends on what you want.  Think of our rate as the MSRP for the base model of an automobile.  As you add more options, the price goes up but our "base model" is quite feature rich (see the feature list detailed below).  The base price includes the complete installation and configuration of your site.  When we have completed the install, your website will be ready for you to add your content.  The base price does not include your content but if you need help, we can do that for you as well for an additional charge.

The overall design of your website is derived by the use of templates.  We have quite a large number of base templates to choose from (and many premium templates as well for an additional charge).  These base designs are nothing more than a starting point for your site.  We use the template as a starting point for your site.  Why?  To save you money.  You do not have to use a template but be forewarned, custom design can get VERY expensive.

Some companies will tell you that using a template is not a good idea.  We disagree.  All the templates are extremely flexible and allows for just about any combination of ideas you may want to incorporate.  We use templates as the starting point to save our customers money.  Since we do not have to redesign the entire framework from scratch, that translates to $$$ you save.

And remember, all of our websites are completely maintainable by the customer.  Once your website is configured, you have the ability to make changes to ALL the content, the graphics, and even the overall look and feel.  In the end, this will not only save your a tremendous amount of money, it allows us to get your website up and running very quickly.

Also, all our websites are dynamic.  What this means is that you make a change, save it, and it is immediately reflected on your website.  You will not have to pay us (or someone else) to make changes to your content.  This does not mean that we cannot maintain the site for you.  We will be happy to do so but we are giving YOU the option.  The key to a successful website is new and fresh content.

Here is just a sampling of what is included with your website package (hover over the moreinfo for more information):


Website Hosting (using one of our preferred providers)

  Unlimited website pages More information Unlimited sub-domains More information
  Unlimited personal email addresses More information Unlimited traffic More information



Basic Website (based on the Joomla framework)

  User management More information Media manager More information
  Language manager More information Banner management More information
  Contact manager More information Search More information
  Web link management More information Content Management More information
  Syndication/Newsfeed management More information Menu manager More information
  Powerful extensibility More information WYSIWYG editor More information  


Besides the basic website features, you can also add many additional extensions/features for a small fee.  You are not limited to the following list but it contains the most common extensions/features requested.


Additional Website Extensions More information

  PayPal integration More information Multimedia More information
  Editor switcher More information FAQ More information
  Site map More information Testimonials More information
  Google maps More information RSS syndicator More information
  User comments More information Social bookmarking More information
  eCommerce More information Custom forms More information
  Contact forms More information Custom user registration More information
  Newsletter/Marketing integration More information Integrated Multi-lingual content More information
  User subscriptions More information Photo gallery More information
  Blog More information User forum More information
  Unlimited extensibility More information Facebook Integration More information


Modify Existing Website

If you already have a website and want to make changes OR have a website that we created for you, we charge a flat rate of $40/hr.  We can handle any type of work related to websites, domains, and the internet.  If you need references, we can provide them as well.

Just let us know how what needs to be done and we can provide you with an estimate for the work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the main goals of a website is a good ranking in search engines (such as Google).  Now we are not going to tell you that we guarantee a top 10 ranking since that is really not possible but we can help you improve your chances of a good ranking.  We know that there are many companies out there that "guarantee" a rank.  You can try them if you wish but you may be wasting your money.

We understand how the search engines work.  There is not some magic formula that you can use and watch your site climb the rankings.  In reality, a good ranking takes planning and more importantly, good content on your website.  With our knowledge, we can help you achieve a better ranking. We use a flat $40 hourly rate for all SEO.

Graphics Design

We have access to a professional graphic artist who can help design just about any image imaginable.  We can provide additional graphics for:

  • Logos
  • Website branding and identity
  • Multimedia

just to name of few.

We can also help you with website usability.  If your current website is difficult to navigate, let us take a look and see what we can do.  Your site may just need a few tweaks and not a major overhaul to make it fast and clean.  Pricing for graphics varies greatly.


Having trouble using your software?  We provide training as well.  Depending on the time of training you need, we can recommend one of our preferred training vendors or we can do the training for you.  We will explain your options and which training is the most effective in terms of training and cost.

We provide training for all products we install and any aspect of your website.  This includes domain registration, hosting, and the website software itself.  If it is related to your website, we can train you on how to use it.  We use a flat $40 hourly rate for all training.


We still like the hands on approach to support.  Yes, we use an online ticket and support system but this is only the first line support.  Hopefully we can answer your question via the ticket but if not, we have no problem with talking and screen sharing.

There are no hard and fast rules in regards to support and most people want to know how much it is going to cost.  Here is our feeling on the subject.  Most of the tickets we get are just general questions.  If answering a ticket does not take much time, there is no cost to you.  If it requires that we do investigation, there may be a cost.  We can say that if any problem or question is caused by us, there is never a cost to you.  If the ticket requires any type of modification and enhancement at your request, there will be a cost.

We are not your typical company.  We do not offer low prices to "reel you in" so that we can sock it you later with support costs.  We offer reasonable rates and if you need help, we use a flat $40 hourly rate.  We have no plans on ever changing this policy.  In fact, we pride ourselves in being able to say that we have current customers that have been our customers for years.  For customers to keep coming back time and time again, we must be doing something right.


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