This is the #1 question we get and for good reason, you want to know what it is going to cost for a website.  But even more important, why is pricing so different for the various web site development companies?  If you were to search the internet and get quotes for the same website, you will most likely get prices varying from $200 up to $10,000.  Why?  Hopefully we can shed a bit of light on this.


Web site design and development is one area where getting an experienced developer can really pay off.  The main reason is that experience can translate into less time.  The more experienced developers know the technologies and the tools and can get your product out fast and efficiently.  Less experienced developers may charge more to hopefully make up those "extra" hours learning the technologies on your project.  We have been in this business for quite a qhile and have seen this done many times over.  Many companies will offer a lower hourly rate yet the quotes for the entire project are much higher.  Do not be fooled by this tactic.  This is where doing your homework can really pay big dividends.  Ask for referrals and look at web sites they have done.  Cheaper is not necessarily better.


Many companies will outsource their work to other countries.  Yes their rates may be cheaper but language barriers and developer responsibility will cause many headaches.  Not to mention the time zones.  Our company has "fixed" many of these sites.  These fixes were not only due to the website not functioning properly but also that the costs were escalating.  There are many reasons that outsourcing and hiring contractors in foreign countries can cause many problems.  Just read the article "The Outsourcing Conspiracy" article.


If you are not familiar with this term, Flash is a development platform that allows a developer to create a very fancy animated site.  We see nothing wrong with that except that it can be extremely expensive.  Along with that, it is time consuming to develop and is more difficult for search engines to index (and it does not work on iOS products such as the iPad and iPhone).  Some Flash may be good in some situations but for an entire website, it can be bad.  You want a website that allows you to control the content not the other way around.

Large Web Development Companies

Most of these businesses will not even deal with a small company.  They want big companies with a lot of money.  Most do not worry about 1-on-1 training or communication.

Technical Savvy

Web site technology has changed dramatically in the past few years.  In fact it is constantly evolving.  Many developers are still only coding "static" sites and have not been able to make the switch to dynamic sites with Content Management.  It is very difficult to stay current with all the new technologies constantly being introduced.  If the pricing is very low, it may not include the latest technological advances.  You want to watch out for this.  Ask them what platform your site will be built on and what capabilities will be available to you for updating your site.  Again, you do not want to have a web site where ONLY the developer can make content changes.  You want to be able to update your site as well.

Design Work

This overlaps with the above entry about Flash.  You do not want to get a site that requires an huge undertaking in design work.  Sure the site may look fancy with all the graphics and moving parts but it may also have a detrimental effect.  If the site is so overwhelming, it may mask the message that you are trying to convey.  You must strike a balance between anesthetics and your message.  Most internet users have a very short time span  If they cannot figure out your site VERY quickly, they will move on to the next site on their list.  Our goal is to create a very pleasing web site while being able to convey your message in order to generate more traffic for you.

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